Why can’t I use my iPhone, Android phone, smartphone, or other touchscreen device when I wear gloves?
Good question. Your gloves act as a barrier between your fingers and the touchscreen, preventing communication between them.

How does the 6 Stitch Kit work?
Glad you asked. The magic is in the advanced textile thread provided in the kit. When stitched as instructed to the fingers and thumbs of your gloves, it allows your gestures to communicate with the touchscreen as normal, through the glove.

​Is the advanced textile thread of the highest quality?
Yes, absolutely. There are several threads on the market today that did not pass our stringent quality tests: they either didn’t work at all, didn’t work well, or didn’t work for long. The advanced textile thread in 6 Stitch Kit is the best that money can buy.

​Is it easy to stitch my gloves (or mittens)?
Extremely. Your favorite gloves will be touchscreen ready in as little as two minutes. No prior experience with sewing is required at all, and full instructions are included.

​What types of gloves can I use the kit for?
Any kind. The kit will work with all types of gloves, including wool, cotton, synthetic, leather, and ski or snowboard.

​What is included in the kit?
Everything you need to give your gloves technology super powers: approximately four feet of advanced textile thread, one needle perfect for the task, and instructions for this incredibly simple project. Enough thread is provided to comfortably stitch both index fingers, both thumbs, and then some.

​Do you offer free shipping worldwide?
Yes. Seriously. We offer 100% free standard shipping to any address worldwide.

​Can i get a different color?
Not exactly. You can get any color you want, as long as it is light gray.

​Are there other solutions for this problem?
Unless you want to cut the fingers off your favorite gloves or buy an expensive pair with touchscreen powers built in, then not really. Using the 6 Stitch Kit is by far the most elegant, reliable, durable, and subtle way to give your gloves technological super powers.

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